Saturday, 28 May 2011

Fashion & Shopping

Living in the UK I have realised the shopping is pants crap in my opinion.  Let me give you a quick run down on a few of the stores.  Believe it or not the grocery stores have clothing sections and they are quite popular.

Grocery Stores
ASDA - This is owned by Walmart so the clothing line is by George.  (Someone said he used to work for Next haha)
I do own a few things from ASDA such as joggers sweatpants for working out and a few tops and they aren't that bad but obviously aren't the best quality.
Tesco - They carry the Cherokee line which I believe Target carried as well.  I think the selection is crap but I did get a bathing costume suit there and I kinda dig it and it wasn't insanely expensive like the states.
Sainsbury's - They have more of a selection the the above grocery store in my opinion.  Nice selection of jumpers sweater, casual dresses, tops and I do love my PJ's from there. I am still unsure of the quality but only time will tell.

Other Stores
Next - Everyone raves about this store but honestly I wonder how old you need to be to wear some of this stuff?  The smart casual line isn't bad but it is really hit or miss for me, I think most store in the US or UK are like that for me.  I will say I think the website is better then the actual store. 
River Island - Good lord - I have NEVER ever found anything I would wear in this store.  It's like a hoochie store on wheels to me but then again maybe I am to "old" for this store. I always give this place a chance and walk in, do the tour and walk out.
Matalan - This store I do like for some reason maybe because it is like a mini Kohl's.  Except they carry the papaya brand in normal people sizes unlike that store in the states.  Also the rural romance collection is fab.
Peacock's - Varied styles, decent prices and kind of reminds me of a baby version of forever 21.  I own a few things from here as well.
Primark - This is throw away clothes central.  You buy it cheap and it falls apart after you wash it.  The lines are insane most of the time and crap is thrown everywhere in the store, no I have never seen a tidy Primark.

Also some prices here are insane.  Example I went into the Guess store to check out a pair of jeans and they wanted 90 quid - can you say holy crap! Don't covert that or you might puke.  Where as in the states I can get 2 pairs of Guess jeans for 50 bucks. You can bet I didn't buy them here.

The fashion is totally different since never in my life would I think I would wear leggings or jeggings (again) but here I am loving it.  So it's not all bad...just different.  I would just love a Kohl's to come to town or even a Target but even if they did, it would not be the same.  Those stores would need to succumb to British standards and fashion to make it and that would defeat the point.  So I will just buy when I see something I fancy or just wait to hit the states and stock up on Kohl's, Macy's and Old Navy.

Of course I am no fashion guru but I do like a decent top and a good pair of jeans.  I won't even get started with what shoes come into fashion in both countries because honestly I giggle too much.

So where is your favourite place to shop? Best deals to be had?

snow wife

I always say shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist.
-- Tammy Faye Bakker

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