Thursday, 13 January 2011

Tea is not a meal

I know I know beating a dead horse...I am going to bitch anyway - sorry.
Meals are the following in *my* world:


I despise, detest, hate and every other single bad word to describe a meal as "tea". I flat out refuse on the grounds that "tea" cannot be a meal, it is a drink. My hubster tries very hard to speak what I call normal to me but throw in the dwarfs and man it makes it hard.
I will say this, we went to the school for an event and the teacher was talking to us about one of the dwarfs eating and she called it lunch! LUNCH NOT dinner. I did BEAM just a bit and hubster even saw me smile.

Example #1:
Dwarf: What's for dinner?
Me:Roasted Chicken and Veg
Dwarf: I mean lunch
Me: Oh sandwiches

Then let's add supper *pull hair here*

Dwarf: What's for tea?
Me: You are too young for tea *smile*
Dwarf: *they laugh* and then ask whats for dinner?

After dinner it turns into:
Dwarf: whats for supper?
Me: you just ate 1 hour ago?
Hubster: Go have some cereal

These are not normal sized portions either, since a HUGE bowl of cereal is like 3 portions it is crazy. That is another rant for another day. Too many meals in my opinion as every person should have 3 meals a day and a snack when they get home from school/or midday for people who work.

Calling dinner "tea" will not leave my mouth as it sounds like craziness, maybe I will reply with "yes please, 1 sugar and a little milk"

Want to read about "tea time: in the world check out wikipedia

Anything that drives you batty tell me, I am sure I can relate. Most things I can giggle off and I don't try hard to pick up words but with dwarfs it makes it so much more complicated but I am educating them on using words such as bless you, thank you (NOT TA), My not Me and all those other things that need pronunciation like W A T E R. Heck I still call pants - underwear...I can't stop!

Oh joys a new day but please just don't ask me what's for tea ;-)

snow wife

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  1. I told someone yesterday that my best friend is a fantastic seamstress and has made me lovely skirts, dresses and pants. He looked really horrified and said, "She makes you pants, isn't that a bit weird?" ;-)