Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Proper attire for working out...

Yeah I don't have proper attire for working out...Those are just excuses really aren't they?
All my life I get all high and mighty and need a pair of Nike training pants, a sweat proof shirt and heck even comfy socks oh and maybe a new pair of trainers...
Not any more

I have these things but honestly I can't be bothered to change into it as it just takes time and I don't want too.

So I exercise in my undies I do. I have my PJ's on maybe with a pair of boy shorts and I grab my sports bra and go.

I stand in my living room and sweat with Bob and Jillian and let me tell you they are ruthless! This makes things simple.
1. Wake up grab sports bra wonder downstairs
2. Make coffee - have a cup or two
3. Drink some water go to the toilet
4. Weigh in with Wii Fit
5. Put in Biggest Loser and sweat your ass off!
6. Drink more water

Tada burned 315 calories in 50 minutes and now I can take a shower and do my day. It sucks to have the apple figure and I swear I have fought with it by whole life and Wii is the only thing I actually like doing. I may join the gym for the classes and to mix it up plus I kinda like the treadmill - we will see.

What is my motivation?
If we want to add more dwarfs to our family I want to drop some weight before adding more on - that is what is motivating me - drop a stone (14 lbs).

What motivates you?
What do you do to fit in a workout?
What do you do to make yourself "move" and "sweat" ?
Sometimes it is sooooo boring but moving is grooving so just do it!

Oh how I wish I liked eggs...Meals and food is a whole other subject

snow wife

I love being married. It's so great to find that one special person you want to annoy for the rest of your life. ~Rita Rudner

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