Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Question? No I mean statement

I lay in bed or drive and think of fabulous stuff to say and even send myself little email tidbits - can I remember anything I wanted to say? No.

So many differences but so many cool things as well when you are in a different country it's hard to remember they are different after they happen.

Awwww - I do think my favourite thing I have noticed is this.

When someone (usually a parent) asks a child something it is always a form of a question but really shouldn't be.

Parent: You want to eat your brussels sprouts...
Child : they are gross - no
Parent: that wasn't a question or a request

Me: umm yes it was

Now that I have pointed this out to my Prince Charming and dwarfs they see it EVERYWHERE! It's becoming funny.

My other favourite example:

Parent: Do you want to go to bed now?
Child: no
Parent: well its time for bed

Me: haha you asked them silly - don't ask. TELL

Oh the fun of picking up small things like this and even better when they say it and realise they asked a "question" again and fix it and then laugh!

Life can be funny.

snow wife
Can I have another cup of coffee?
I want another cup of coffee

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