Monday, 4 July 2011

4th of July - American Favorites

As all my American pals celebrate 4th of July with fireworks/BBQ/large sized Jenga with family and friends I will celebrate a few of my favorite American blogs and past times.

I love the thrill of a championship game in a bar with friends - no matter what sport.

I love a good afternoon or happy hour (we don't really have happy hour here)

I love a good night of friends hanging out in someones backyard with a few beers and BBQ.

I love Mexican food ;-)

I love fireworks and sitting on the lake as they go off.

I love having a paid day off for Independence day.

Few American blogs I have come to love and keep me laughing over here across the pond.

1. The Bloggess -
Absolutely hilarious and reminds me of "talks" I have with my Prince Charming - thanks SS

2. Motherhood in NYC -
Marinka is a funny, dpwn to earth person who I enjoy reading as her cat has great adventures as well

3. Wendi Aarons -
I found this funny lady when the maxi pad letter starting hitting out inbox - read it here

4. Mouthy Housewives -
A mixture of a few above answer the funniest questions from readers - always read for a good laugh

5. Post Secret -
Ya just have to read it to get it - HA

6. Le Shallow girl -
Good Stuff!

I love any blog that is honest and shows the funny side of relationships - it makes me feel normal!

Happy 4th of July!

snow white
Yeah the British came in 2nd this day ;-p

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