Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Santa isn't coming to our house...

This is the last year Santa will be around for the 7 dwarfs, well the younger one since the older one's already knows there is no Santa. I am a little sad that we don't get to have a part in the Santa ritual and having the kids wake up and be so surprised and happy that Santa came but such is life of a mixed family. The kids live with their mom so of course they want to wake up at "home" on Christmas morning so we get boxing day for a few hours.
Will it be the same? No I don't think so

When I was a child we put out cookies and milk for Santa/Father Christmas and we always got to open one present on Christmas Eve (it was normally new PJ's) and of course we could NEVER sleep the night before. I love the holidays and Christmas since it is the time for giving and being with friends and family. The decorating, the food, the wrapping of presents, the music and all the other good stuff makes me happy but this year will be different. I don't have a lot of family where I am and I just can't hop on a plane to hang out with the family since we are not rich. My family for Christmas will consist of me and my wonderful husband and then going to friends for dinner.

I know my hubster would love to share in this day and fun rituals with the 7 dwarfs but the cards don't fall that way this year or maybe even in a few years to come. Maybe one day we will have the Christmas I remember to share with a little one of our own and then we can start the Christmas rituals all over and then Santa will visit our house. On a positive note we will celebrate Christmas because we want too and how we want too and this means creating a new ritual. What should that be? hmmmm
Maybe since it is boxing day we could do homemade pizza and drinking chocolate whilst we open presents to Christmas music and do this every year we don't have the kids on actual Christmas day. Some may think I am crazy but I am all about traditions and rituals as this is the glue that makes a family a family.

Happy Christmas
snow wife

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