Monday, 11 April 2011

Easter is right around the corner

Happy Easter 2011

Oh how I remember Easter very fondly and how special it was even though we weren't religious.
My mother would get us fancy frilly dresses, a hat or bonnet and new white shoes - it was fabulous.  Ok it was when we were little and I am was super happy when it stopped since church got old and I didn't want to be dressed up like a doll.  It was so cheesy but everyone did it and it made for great pictures right?

I did however LOVE the Easter atmosphere. The dying of hard boiled eggs and making our own designs was family time and of course no one ate the eggs we just designed them.  The plastic eggs hidden all over our backyard and house with candy and money inside; even if you had to give the younger siblings a chance to find some.  The jelly beans, peeps, plastic easter grass and plastic easter basket that eventually was a nice wicker basket as you got older = fabulous!
The honey baked ham for dinner and I don't even remember the sides, I just knew we had ham with pineapple on top.

Below are my memories of Easter and what an Easter basket is to me...Yes as we got older we got books and small gifts but not like the UK easter...

Cheesy Easter Basket

We only got 1 - thats it!

I believe Grandpa started this tradition - yum!

Everyone needs Peeps - right?

Standard Hollow Bunny

Foil Chocolate Eggs

My Favorite! Reese's PB Egg!

Easter was about hide and seek and family time with your brothers & sisters with the family dinner.

Here is the UK what I see is it is about getting cash for Easter and very large chocolate eggs from grandparents and parents
The above egg is hollow and weighs .75 pounds - it is crazy to me!

I will keep on creating special holidays as this is what I do even if it just is for me and the dwarfs and prince charming don't appreciate it - it makes me happy.

snow wife

All I really need is love, but a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt!
Lucy Van Pelt, “Peanuts”

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