Sunday, 24 October 2010

It's your funeral

Everyone jokes how when you get married it's your funeral and life as you know it will cease to exist - well I will break the code of silence and say yep they are right...Not in the negative way you think though...

When you decide to get married and spend your life with that right person your world as you do know it DOES cease to exist. You are no longer single or all about me but it becomes a "we" and everything you do can affect your loving partner, so you must always think before you just willy nilly do something.
It is a funeral of your single life as you can't jet off for the weekend with your friends and party until your face falls off without really talking to your partner right? Ok that was a trick question you ALWAYS should talk to them because that is respect just FYI...
I love a good weekend away with friends as much as the next person but always respect your better half and communicate.

I have a pretty wonderful relationship with my husband and we do communicate so we are on pretty much on the same page. Everyone has a different way to communicate pending on the conversation. Take me? You piss me off I don't yell or scream but I just get quiet. I am upset or missing something and I get quiet again. I am like a baby you must figure out who I am and what my moods are and that is a marriage - figuring it out. Knowing when to say sorry and knowing when to shut the hell up also helps. Knowing when you need a few glasses of wine to really get something off your chest...Knowing when to find the right moment to say something that could been seen as negative...Knowing when to hug your partner and agree, just be glad you talked about it...Knowing when NOT to talk about something that is too fresh or raw - NOW that takes skill.

I am kinda glad my single person died as I gained a much better and happier married lady....but I am not just a wife - remember that...

Newlyweds become oldyweds, and oldyweds are the reasons that families work.
~Author Unknown

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