Monday, 8 October 2012

No it's not like...

I swear this irks me more then anything ok not anything but enough to bitch about it on my blog.

Let's pretend I am a Buckeye (Ohio University Team) and I have on a shirt that says Go Buck Eyes!
(me in bold)
Where are you from?
American College football
Oh its like rugby
No its not, the ball is smaller and totally different rules
Oh its like the same thing

I want a Cwors..
Coors Light? Just to be sure I understood correctly
Yes what else would I want?
Techincally Coors and Coors light are two different lagers. FYI

Sorry if some accents sounds like something different and not what you are actually saying especially the Scottish!

HAHA SO No its not like....

Would you like me to say oh England is like Wales? or Scotland? Oh man would people freak.

snow wife

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