Saturday, 13 October 2012

Classed as a "grown up"

*stomping foot* I don't want to be!  This means I have responsibilities and shit that I didn't ask for....blah

It also means I bought a full blown dress slip today and man that is grown up. Thank you Spanx - you are my friend and then again at 18 I wouldn't have ever spent the money on that or even wore one.
This doesn't mean I want to be a grown up.  I feel like I am paying dress up because I am so not a girly girl so yes I am playing dress up.  I have have a pair of heels - hell it would be better if I bored them from my mom but sadly no I bought them.  I think I will wear them more then once *fingers crossed*

So 3 cheers to a bottle of red wine and a dress with heels and let's pretend we are grown ups tonight!

snow wife

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