Sunday, 5 December 2010

A year? Really?

Well it has been a year since I became "the wife" and honestly I can't complain too much, which is a good thing. I am very happy in my life and still amazed how I got here ;-)

The 1 year wedding anniversary was very important to me. My lovely hubster booked us a weekend away for 2 nights in a very nice hotel, I was quite happy. It was snowing and it was beautiful and to be honest it was just nice being away somewhere romantic and being together - that is what marriage is all about right?

The first day we took a train up and it was beautiful outside, we got to walk around seeing the Christmas decorations and all the beautiful architecture. The German market was definitely a neat place to walk around and we even tried some warm wine (raspberry please). We had lunch at a little Mexican place and ordered a pitcher of Margarita's (insert drooool here). We walked around the main street that night popping into pubs and have an adult beverage and making our way around town. Our final stop was TGI Fridays for late night starters aka dinner and one more drink. They had ranch and Patron Martini's - this ended our night nicely and again I was a happy camper. See it's the small things ;-)

The second day, our actual anniversary, it was like a blizzard but we braved it and headed to Starbucks (of course) and then made our way up to the high street to book in for a tour to task. We now had all afternoon to putz around and that is what we did. We headed back to the German market and my lovely husband bought me fur lined slipper boots that I wanted so bad! We then headed up to lunch and then on to the tour. The tour was uneventful but it was pretty cool being under the city and thinking how many sick people lived there once upon a time.
We then went back and rested and I actually took a bath and read some of my book. By now it is snowing again and obviously in high heel boots you don't really want to walk to far for dinner! We found a very posh restaurant that was recommended to us 2 blocks away, even though it took us a few minutes to find it since it was on a top floor and didn't have a normal restaurant sign. I can't tell you how happy it makes me to have a nice dinner out with my husband complete with a bottle of wine...Those are the moments I tell ya!
After dinner we went to the hotel bar since it was snowing like crazy and split another bottle of wine and just talked.
Now you may ask what did I get this lovely husband of mine? Well I got him a nice silver FCUK watch (that was broke and now getting it replaced) and he isn't a watch person really but I thought he would appreciate having a nice modern watch to wear when the occasion arose.
I also gave him our "contract" of marriage (inside joke). I searched high and low for the perfect card and creating this "contract" and felt this was very important as gifts aren't always what mark a good marriage its the thought and caring words.
Now on that side of the coin my husband did book a lovely week and it was quite expensive but he forgot the almighty card - our first wedding anniversary and not even a card? I was bummed and I say better late then never right? (hint hint to all husbands out there).

I will say I really can't ask for a better man. He cares for me and our families more then most men I have ever known. He knows when I need a cuddle or I just need to be left alone.
He is my lifelong partner and I couldn't be happier about that life sentence.

To keep your marriage brimming,
With love in the loving cup,
Whenever you're wrong, admit it;
Whenever you're right, shut up.
Ogden Nash

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