Monday, 21 November 2011

Thanksgiving time...huh

The problem with living in another country is certain holidays you love don't exist.  All those rituals you have done your whole life straight up disappear.  It's weird. 

We are coming close to Thanksgiving and usually I hold the big dinner with friends, family, beer and college football!  This year it's just me on that day as UK people work - ok yeah it sucks.

I did go to a friend's for a turkey dinner and it was awesome but it was on the weekend and just didn't feel the same.  I have been invited again for the Saturday after to two different places but with a new dwarf, it just isn't possible to be gone that long.

College football is on at 7pm central which is 1am here! OUCH I know I won't be awake so maybe Friday night someone will want to watch it with me... maybe if I can get a place to watch it since my hava box still isn't hooked up ;-(

I have missed almost all of my college football season and honestly that is the only thing keeping me connected to "me" and how it used to be.  Something to cheer for - so I hope to god it is hooked up soon!

We are having a couples dinner on a soon upcoming Sunday maybe I can talk my friend into doing a Thanksgiving type meal hmmmmmmmmm

snow white

I miss my friends, family, Thanksgiving food, college football and setting up the tree.

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