Friday, 11 November 2011

Bath anyone?

Oh man some days or nights I just feel like taking a nice soak - it is rare but it does happen.

Doing this activity here sucks - full stop.  I really need a real bath/faucets and water pressure - please ;-)

I ran a bath via the 2 separate faucets and I timed it - it took 18 minutes to get the bath high enough to get in!  If I put the hot water on any higher it would go cold.  FFS

Some days its like living in the pioneer days either that or man a lot of people are posh in the US. I don't know anyone without a dishwasher/washer/dryer so why the heck do people see this as a luxury here?

En suite? this is standard even in apartments in the states why is it such a luxury here?  Everything is a family bathroom and guess what I don't want to share with my family lol

A woman can only share so much of her space before she loses the plot.

Am I in bitch mode? Yes  I am getting claustrophobic in this tiny house. I dream of my old walk in closet, own bathroom with a jacuzzi tub, separate shower, big ass king bed and SPACE.  My old laundry room and large enough kitchen to sit a table with 8 chairs and a normal US size fridge.

someday peeps someday

snow wife

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