Friday, 14 September 2012


I swear England is trying to break me.  I am educated with real job experience and can't seem to get a friggin job.  I have applied to entry level jobs to something close to what I did before I moved here - Nothing.

I even applied to Starbizzles and I thought I did great but I got a letter saying we hired someone with more skills and qualifications. Seriously? for 7-8 quid an hour?

Its breaking me.  I really should just do my own darn taco cabana type place - ya know breakfast tacos and mexican for lunch and dinner.  I think I could make it fly.  Maybe I need to see a man about a horse oh no thats if you have to pee. Ok see someone about a business plan.

Take out only - just a little place.  I wonder if I could make it fly here?  I would love to have a little shop because I think I could rock it.

I hate job hunting but this country kicks you when you are down.  They just said unemployment went down? seriously then who the hell is getting hired!

*sigh*  I am about to throw in the towel.  I work now but I HATE IT as I am there till midnight and bored to tears practically.  There is only so much TV you can watch.

snow wife

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